Fall Camp 2016: Lake Placid


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We started Fall break off on Friday night by playing host to our local Community Supper!  This weekly tradition presents an opportunity for any organization to provide a warm meal to anyone in our greater Middlebury community.  On this particular Friday, our team played host to the event, cooking up a delicious meal of old fashioned biscuits and gravy, complete with lots of veggies, a fresh salad, bread and cookies.  Nothing requires teamwork much more than preparing a meal for 200+ hungry people and I think this crew nailed it.  In addition to providing a healthy meal to all in our community, this program also helps to serve the elderly who are not otherwise able to get out or cook for themselves.  The team had a great time preparing food, serving meals and interacting with some local folks and we will surely look forward to another event.

On to Lake Placid

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We are incredibly lucky to be so close to the Adirondacks!  On Saturday AM we loaded up the van’s early and headed straight for Mt. Vanhoevenberg.  After a solid warm up we used the 5km race course for a continuous Level 3 and 4 bounding workout.  Needless to say the terrain presented an awesome challenge for all and it turns out the effort felt a whole lot like ski racing!  After lunch and a nice recovery nap we strapped on our skis and rolled out our condo doors to the roller ski track perched below the Olympic ski jumps.  We spent the afternoon focused on classic technique and speed before returning home for some well-earned home-cooked lasagna!

Saturday was graced with clear skies and cool temperatures and we returned to the roller ski track, this time for a skate paced workout.  Each athlete did a designated number of loops with the common goal of completing each consecutive lap with a negative split.  This was a useful way to rehearse good race strategy and provided individuals with real time feedback on true “race pace.”  After lunch, a recovery nap and some video review from the previous two sessions we drafted teams for an afternoon soccer match.  After a hotly contested game  “Team Blue” came out on top of “Team White” with a strong second half charge, shutting down Team White’s phase 2 (or was it 3?) and capitalizing on a “next two goals win” opportunity.

Sunday was a perfect Fall day.  Thanks to a little local knowledge from former Middlebury Ski Team member, Sophie McClelland we mapped out an adventure and headed out for a 4+ hour run.  We all completed some version of a Lower Lake rd–>Sawteeth–>Pyramid–>Gothic–>Wolfjaw–>Lower Lake rd loop (complete with a swim on the way out for a few) and returned to the van pleasantly exhausted from an awesome long weekend of training.  After a quick refuel at the local coffee shop we headed for home!

Fall camp is our first opportunity to come together as a team, away from the usual pressures of college life, and focus solely on ski training.  It was awesome.  We made an effort to carry out well-structured sessions and we approached them each with a goal.  We logged some big hours and made important technical gains.  Time to settle back into school, training and begin the countdown to Thanksgiving Camp in Canada ON SNOW!



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