Back at it


Hard to believe It’s already November.  This Fall has been near perfect, with warmer temps and minimal precipitation, making training conditions optimal through the middle of October—when it decided to snow!

Winter 2016: Zero, Winter 2017: One.

The team is settling into their academic routines and focused, as they have been throughout the Fall, on quality training.  This morning, like any other Tuesday morning, we gathered before sunrise for strength and watched the pinkish-purply orb reappear from below the pull-up bar.  This afternoon we’ll do threshold intervals on the rolling terrain around campus.  Training here is fun and it is collaborative.  I love this time before the added pressures of race season and Winter are upon us.  We get to define ourselves as skiers and as a team.  We get to strive for success with relatively little consequence for failure.  With 4 weeks of team training behind us, there is no doubt we’re getting stronger, together.

I am lucky to be back.  After 7 years away from Middlebury and “the team,” I wasn’t sure what to expect upon my return.  I’m not surprised to have found the same sense of family and commitment to skiing based on pure love for the sport.  The energy of the athletes is contagious and their drive is palpable.  They strap on their skis in the driving rain for a time trial at Jericho and they bump up the weight for that final rep in the gym.  It’s not rocket science, it’s just hard work and a commitment to our success.  We are panthers.

Go Midd!


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