US Nationals: Heather Mooney Reports

We just finished up the second race of the week and the news that’s most on my mind is that: Annie was fourth in the skate race! Two seconds off the podium. So that was pretty awesome!

The women got to go first, which meant it was really cold, but the course was really firm and the grooming was great. I went out first for our team and Annie started a few minutes behind me. I wasn’t sure how many minutes it was, but I knew it was a lot of time, so when she came across the line just as I was leaving the finish area, I knew she must have gone really fast! And then we saw the live timing, and she was in fourth. That was really, really exciting! Today only added to our good start in the sprint and it’s been pretty cool to see how people responded to the team doing well. Middlebury is turning some heads, so that’s fun!

On the women’s side, the rest of us all had solid races, I ended up 32nd, Kelsey 38th, Emily 45th and Stella 55th. The great thing about racing first is that we got to go watch the men’s race afterwards.

Their race was three laps on the same tough course, so we picked out the most miserable section and cheered them on. All of our men looked really good, so even though they might not have had results they were looking for, they skied really technically well! We had great skis too, which isn’t a surprise. Thanks to the coaches for that!

Today is yet another bluebird day. Its pretty awesome how nice its been here all week! I’ve been told it’s always like that here, but I’m still amazed every morning when I wake up and there aren’t any clouds in the sky.


Thanks to Chris Holt and the Phinneys for keeping us well fed while we’ve been racing here.


We have a classic mass start tomorrow, so get ready for some more exciting racing! Go Midd!



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  1. Bill Neal January 16, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

    Photo of Heather Mooney when she starred in “The Sound of Music”

    • Chris Holt January 27, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

      Perfect Bill! Find MORE!

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