Introducing: Dylan McGarthwaite

Name: Dylan James McGarthwaite
Hometown: Hayward, WI
Home club: CXC
Astrological sign: Virgo, also I was born on a cusp so pretty much I possess leo traits too.. according to the internet
Spirit Animal: Fox 

How are you spending your summer?

Livin’ the life!  I am living in Wisconsin, training with CXC at our new training center, Telemark.  I spend my time working at a golf course. 

What’s something your new teammates don’t know about you? (That is internet publish-able.)

I have twin brothers and one sister and a black dog

Athletic heroes?
Happy Gilmore and Logan Hanneman

If Chase Marston were walking behind you carrying a boombox that was playing your theme music wherever you walked, what would that music be?

American by Macklemore

Current Middlebury Team member you’d most like to be and why:

Hilary Rich, because some of the first couple things she said to me are, “Do you wanna go scope out the underground hip hop scene after the JO’s dance,”  and “I dig your nikes.”  she is pretty much me in a female form.

Favorite place to race:
Truckee, California and west yellowstone

What do you plan to study in college and why?

Business, so Dougie D and I can become business partners




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