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Taylor Who?

That’s right baby, I’m back. After several persuading talks from Austin Cobb and a strange void-like feeling in my gut from taking a one year hiatus, I’ve found myself signed up for another year on the Middlebury Ski Team. And what a year to come back to. Our seniors, wise and talented after 4 years of collegiate skiing are fortunate enough to have a large incoming freshman class for which to pass on our extensive knowledge of the sport. Not to mention our 45 year-old, pseudo-assistant coach and wax testing extraordinaire Colin Struthers. I don’t know what keeps his spirit young (it must be the hours upon hours of Halo).

I really should not strike low-blows at Colin, as I myself am turning 22 tomorrow. That coupled with my recent six-month recovery from a heart condition puts me roughly on the same playing field as Dick Cheney. Unfortunately, for me, I’m not going to be ski racing against ol’ Dick, or any other member of Bush’s entourage of old politicians. I’ve got Sam Tarling, Chase Marston and my own brother to compete with. (I better not get “Little brothered.”) On the bright side, I’ve got nowhere to go but up. My fitness has reached rock bottom, so practically anything I do from here on out will help me in my conquest to be a competitive skier next season!

As a “wise and talented Senior,” I mentioned that I should have some knowledge to pass down. Following is a list of things I will be doing to bounce back from rock bottom. Although the circumstances of my new training regime are unique to me, the upcoming Freshman reading this should take note! A lot of these things can help you keep fit during your awkward first year at school.

1.     Sleep. I have attempted to implement the Chase Marston sleeping plan: Sleep as much as you can, whenever you can! Unfortunately, I have yet to sleep for an astounding 15-16 hours a night, but I’ve found that, if I lay down around 9:00 pm and start reading a boring book, I usually squeeze in a respectable 9 hours of restful sleep (even while living in a Freshman dorm).

2.     Long Slow Distance workouts. I used to be a super-turbo athlete who would pretend to “feel really energized” during any workout, even the absurdly long ones. Having said that, there are very few people in this world who genuinely feel good after cruising at level 2.5 for 3+ hours. Recently, I’ve been taking these longer days easy… Almost too easy. However, I’ve been ending the workouts with energy to spare, and more importantly, energy to recover properly for my next session.

3.     Eating a lot of food! Don’t worry about the circulating rumors of the “Freshman 15.” Look at Austin Cobb. I once saw that kid down 3 glasses of Proctors chocolate milk, then poor a 4th in his breakfast cereal (only to immediately play tennis afterwards). Eat what makes you happy, and eat lots of it. When you’re old and inactive (which I experienced this year) you actually have to watch what you eat. Enjoy food while you’re still burning 10 times more than the average American! Your body needs it.

4.     Like what you do. Remember that this stuff is supposed to be fun and rewarding. Recently, I’ve made sure I’ve left sufficient energy for “activitation.” Activitation includes uncoordinated Nordie B-ball, Soccer, Tennis, swimming… Making sure I get the scheduled workout in is priority number one, but afterwards it’s always nice to act like a 5 year old again!

Living the Dream,





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3 Responses to The Team in Summer: Taylor Sundali

  1. Lani July 19, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    As if anyone needs reminding of who you are … Great post!

  2. Brauts July 21, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    Welcome back Tay, as if you ever left. A living legend returns and we will all be better for it!

  3. Alex Sundali July 22, 2011 at 12:10 am #


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